Monday, 22 June 2015

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Zoo Animals Run Free In Georgia

hippoA big flood hit Georgia in the the capital many zoo animals escaped.

The flood also killed 12 people,and freed animals into the local city.the flood became bigger when the rain started falling down.

Lots of animals were swept out from there animal pens.Then escaped from the zoo.Many animals including dangerous animals like Tigers,Wolves,Bears and Lions.They still have not been found,Zoo keepers are hoping they will be returned.

Three of the dead people were found in the zoo.The hippo was found near the corner of the city,the spotted by one of the zoo keepers,then shot with a tranquiliser gun.

The zoo's spokeswoman said that the number of wolves lions and tigers and more were shot dead.It was unclear on how much animals from the zoo went missing. Helicopters  are on the pray still looking for the lost animals.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has called on residents to stay indoors until all the animals have been .

Thursday, 18 June 2015


.Loves to explore the out doors 
.loves Alanden
.loves her pet tiger

Loves her blue gown 
Loves her little mice
Loves her prince charming

Loves the out doors
Loves singing by the water
Loves explores in the woods

Loves the color yellow 
Loves the beast
Loves reading


Loves her long blond locks 
Loves her best friend the lizard
Loves her long lost parents 


Loves Flounder
Loves to sing with the fish under the sea
Loves being a mermaid

Sleeping Beauty
Loves the birds 
Loves nature 
Loves sleeping

Tinker Bell 
Loves tinkering 
Loves finding odd things
Loves her dear sister

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How A Propeller Works

how a propeller works

A propeller is a device with a bladder that spins around to make objects move. If you want to move, use the air and force to push backwards. Just like your feet. 

Why planes need propellers. 

The twisted airfoil shape of an aircraft propeller was pioneered by the Wright brothers.While some engineers had attempted to model air propellers on marine propellers, the Wright brothers realised that a propeller is similar to a wing, and were able to use data from  their earlier wind tunnel experiments.

about the propeller.

The propeller is an object on the plane that spins around to create thrust, so without the thrust the plane cannot fly. A propeller is a machine with parts called blades. Each blade is shaped like a bird's wing. There are only three blades on a propeller.

more about the propeller.

Propellers make the plane move forwards,which creates thrust. When an engine blows the blades the propeller spins and then the plane takes off.


So now we know that a plane can't fly without a propeller.Without a propeller the thrust will be lost so it cannot fly.