Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Book Review

Book Review

Title:Journey To The Mysterious Island

This Book Is About: A boy called Sean who gets a letter and signal from his Grandfather, Sean needs help, so he goes to his Stepfather.They find out what this letter is about, And it is about the Mysterious Island, Sean and his Stepfather fly to Palau to get to a destination.They find a Family of 2 who are willing to help them for $3000 American dollars, they finally get there, they land on a beach by a helicopter.They enter a cave which leads them to the island. Everything is different, Large animals are small, and small animals are large.Will they survive?

The Main Characters Are: Sean,Hank(Stepfather)Peter(Grandfather)Papa(The father of the girl)The girl(I don't know her name) 

I think this is a great book if you like Adventure and Mystery.It is hard to know what happens in the end.This book is very exciting to see the different types of creatures and animals.

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