Sunday, 4 June 2017

Peer Mediation~1

                     Peer Mediation#1

2nd May 2017

I have done my Peer Mediation duty today with Amber and Daniel.

We  helped some students solve some arguments/problems. 
There was a problem with two juniors about a ball; they were both wanting to play with it.

One of the students started crying so we went over to help. We helped give 3 suggestions which were: 

  • The first person with the ball can play with it for the whole break
  • They take turns having the ball for 5 minutes each 
  • They play together with the ball

The students solved the problem together by agreeing to play together with the ball.

I have demonstrated leadership by showing the care values (Active Thinking, Respect and Community) and by not being rude or cruel to others when helping solve a situation.

The leadership traits I have show are:

Trustworthy - being able to help the students knowing that they can trust me and that I won't judge them or be biased
Goal Focused - The goal was to make each child feel that their side had been heard and that they were both happy with the solution
Active Thinking - giving them 3 options to help them choose a solution

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