Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Hero Taylor Swift !

Image result for taylor swiftMy Hero Taylor Swift...............

Taylor Swift is a famous singer.She is my hero  because her singing sends out good messages.Sometimes they tell me more about her self.Taylor swift is an amazing singer.Her songs are meant for.

paragraph 1.

Taylor Swift was born on the 13th of December 1989 lives in America and started to sing at the age of 5.She is 25 years old and her middle name is Alison.she has written over 30 songs as a singer song writer.
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paragraph 2.

Taylor has won 7 Grammy awards that she is proud of.She has a beloved brother named Austin.Taylor is also a very good musician

she can play allot of  Instruments like...................
Banjo,Guitar,Piano,Ukulele and electric Guitar.

things I did not know about Taylor
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That the thought of a real Tattoo scares her!She is an award winning poet.Her Grandmother was an Opera singer.Did you know that Taylor was named after James Taylor. Her first Job involved lots of bugs and she hates bugs!!!Bet that you did not know she is sort of blind .In her music videos she does not wear glasses because they look pretty but she really needs them!

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Taylor  Swift is my Hero because she is an  intelligent singer.I look up to her as a Hero and a roll model .I really believe in her.Her singing sends out good messages witch i believe in. Sometimes they make me learn from my mistakes. she is the best singer in the whole world to me!!!!!!!!

TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for taylor swiftImage result for taylor swift

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