Tuesday, 24 March 2015


 My Run,Bike,Run  experience...........................

On Friday the 20th of March, which was three days ago, I did the Run,Bike,Run! In the Teams I went with Brook my best friend. Our Team name was.......................
THE COLOURFUL OMPA LOOMPAS!!!!!!!! It was a really funny name to us! Before we got there we had to do a long walk. Here are some photos  of what it looked like.  It was a long walk.When we got there we sat down and had a bite to eat.

Then Mr Forman took us around the track so we knew where we were to go.....
It was a long time until my race was going to start so I had some more energy food. It was really sunny so I found an umbrella in my bag and my friends Brook and Sophie came under 
the shade with me.It was fun laying outside on the grass with my best friends.We heard our race was going to begin 
Image result for oaklands school run bike run photosso we raced over to where we are going to start. I
was nervous then excited for Brook and I.

Brook was doing the running and I did the biking.So it went in  the order of running then biking then the runners run again. Brook was coming round the corner to tag me then I raced off to start my race ...
3 2 1 GO!!!!!I was off at the speed of lightning! Dashing off to finish the race! I was determined to finish the race ....A couple of minutes later I was extra tired, My legs were dead. I could not feel them but I was determined to finish so I raced to finish. As I was coming around the corner just about to finish I hopped off my bike then ran as fast as I could to tag Brook.  SLAP!I tagged Brook on the hand then I flopped onto the grass like I was dead. Man was I tired.

I saw Brook run as fast as she could, trying to beat the other people in her race.,I was cheering her on to make her go faster.We were definitely pushing our limits  this time.When she finished and came  to the finish line I ran over and gave her a big hug.We are so proud of each other. I must admit that was fun and tiring.

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